Here are versions of the VERY GREATEST MUSIC (in our opinion), centrally from J. S. Bach, that can be adapted for the people’s instrument—alto recorder—and keyboard, for alto and bass recorder duet, and other combinations.

Our promise: Recorder players will never in this website be at a loss for a challenge or for a high quality of music, at a low price.

Uses of these transcriptions:

  • Études for technique improvement.
  • Ways of becoming acquainted with a wide swath of musical history, much of which is little known, such as Bach cantata obbligatos.
  • Secondary emphasis on bass recorder repertoire, including solos without the sneaking suspicion that the alto is more appropriate.
  • Don’t listen to great music and consider it done, but continue discovering it from the inside by playing it in transcription. Expand your recorder horizons!
  • And of course, put these on your concert programs.

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A few suggestions, from our vast Catalog:

Arrangements for alto and kbd.

Arrangements for recorder duet/trio/quartet, etc.

(and many, many more in 5 different categories, ever-growing as long as Arranger Scheide can draw breath)